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How Nature Inspires Better Clothing Design – Co-founder Neil McNair speaks at the Do Lectures

We were lucky enough to be invited to speak at last year’s Do Lectures. If you have a spare 30 mins please grab a brew and watch Neil explain our thinking. We’ll let the Do Lectures introduce the film: “Neil wants you to stop bringing plastic into the mountains. Living and working in the mountains […]

McNair shirts at the Handmade Trail. Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival 1pm – 6pm, Saturday 21st February.

Handmade trail poster

This Saturday (21st February) we’re opening our mill doors. We’re a proud part of the Handmade trail in our home town of Slaithwaite, Yorkshire. Here’s what the event blurb says: “The Handmade Trail will be a showcase of art, crafts and culinary delights, featuring local artists, businesses and all that is wonderfully creative about the […]

The Guardian says wool is great. (And they’re like dead brainy n that).


“Another sustainable, high-performance option is also one of the oldest: wool. Wool has several sustainable attributes: it is rapidly renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, and can be produced organically. There are also new wool traceability standards and animal welfare standards to track its production. In terms of performance, wool is something of a miracle fabric. Highly durable, […]