“My shirts arrived 20 minutes ago. Absolutely chuffed with them, and sleeves that aren’t too long – bliss.”
Marc / Derbyshire
“Very many thanks to all at McNair , you’ve another happy customer.”
Richard / UK
“The jacket has arrived and its great. Many thanks.”
Steve / UK
“It’s arrived – very pleased with it. Many thanks as ever…”
Jeremy / UK
“Delighted with the two items certainly worth the wait and fantastic quality and workmanship, you should be proud of what you make.”
Clive / Manitoba, Canada
“I wanted to drop you a quick line to say a huge thank you for getting my shirt out to me – it is perfect!

I’ve only had it a week – but I’ve been absolutely blown away by the quality and versatility of it, the adjustments to size and fit that you suggested have given me exactly the shirt I wanted.

Thanks again from one very satisfied customer.”

Andy / Essex
“Received the shirt and am so pleased with it, the quality is excellent, I was actually happy the weather got a bit colder and wetter here so I could take it on a test run! ”
Luther / Isle of Wight
“It’s arrived and fits so well. Love it! Many thanks to all involved.”
Robert / Herefordshire
“The shirt arrived this afternoon and I’ve already worn it out and about!

Thank you so much for taking the time and care to give me a shirt that will become part of my day to day for years to come.”

Richard / Dorset
“I got the parcel earlier today and am so happy with the shirts, thank you very much for making them! I’ll recommend you to my friends.”
Julien / Berlin
“I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting the shirt to me in such a short time. The quality is outstanding down to ever last detail. I’ve just got back from Scotland and it’s fair to say the shirt saw some use!”
Nathan / Essex
“The shirt arrived yesterday and is excellent, exactly as advertised and a real quality and eye catching garment.”
Richard / Lincolnshire
“It arrived this afternoon and it’s great. Love it. Thanks very much, it’ll be up on a Northumbrian hill before the sun goes down tonight.”
Ben / Northumberland
“Shirt received on Monday and I really like it. It fits great and looks fantastic.”
Duncan / Edinburgh
“It’s just arrived.

I’m as delighted with the look, and fit, as I am with my first, treasured, shirt.

Thank you for a great product with a great story, keep up the good work.”

Rob / Middlesex
“Perfect fit. Great, great craftsmanship. Thanks for Your help getting it right, impressive customer service!
Finding a true wool shirt – no polyester or any other future land fill materials – is really hard these days.
Heading up for couple of weeks canoe trip up north. The shirt will certainly be tested, no doubt in my mind it will stand up to it.”
Bo / Folkärna, Sweden
“The shirt has arrived and I am thrilled with it. It is even more beautiful than I remember. I’m very much looking forward to wearing it in the Alps next week.

Thank you Irina for making it, and thank you Natalie for sorting it all out.”

Tim / London
“I received my heavyweight mountain shirt just before Christmas and I’ve been wearing it over a long sleeve 100% merino wool 250nts base layer every day and night for 6 weeks. I’ve travelled to Turkey then Bosnia with lows down to -10˚C, spent 2.5 hours walking up the Pyramids in the snow, leaving my primaloft hoodie and hardshell in my bag the entire trip. It is, without a doubt, the best piece of clothing I’ve ever bought. I have a really high body temperature- breathability means everything. With a 25˚C shift in temperature and humidity, not once have I over-heated or felt cold, not indoors, outdoors or walking up hills or pyramids. A high tech garment that looks as good as it performs. Thank you – I’ll be back for a lighter weight for summer.”
Will / West Yokshire
“I love the shirt. It’s a thing of beauty and am looking to buying more. I hope one day to make it up to you and take advantage of your made to measure service.”
John / Malvern
“I love it !!
Thanks so much.”
Jo / Buckinghamshire
“My shirt (jacket) is so so beautiful and I just wanted to say thank you. I wore it last night when I went to Eyam for their annual ‘burn the rat’ evening… the village is an incredible testament to our heritage. Anyway… I know this won’t be my only purchase.”
Patrick / UK
“I’ve just got home and tried on my jacket. It’s perfect. Thank you so much.”
Archie / Clwyd
“Cap arrived today – very pleased, excellent fit, great material and workmanship. Worth the wait. Thank you.”
Paul / Birmingham
“Shirt arrived today. I have to say it is everything I wanted and hoped it would be. Its been on my list for a very long time.”
Nathan / Dorset
“Many thanks – love my new hat!”
Mike / Cheshire
“Great cap. already in heavy use because weather gets ugly here in Switzerland.”
Stefan / Switzerland
“The shirt arrived intact just after lunch and it fits well. I don’t plan to wear it too much in the current weather conditions but its time will come. Thanks very much for doing what you do and making such great clothing.”
Dave / Gwent
“Just letting you know I got my shirt and I love it, I want more!!!!”
Julian / Victoria, Australia
“Thanks so much for the shirt, absolutely love it. Luckily English weather hasn’t let me down and it’s still cold enough outside to wear it!”
Adam / Lincolnshire
“Shirt arrived today… its perfect in every way…”
Terry / Buckinghamshire
“The shirt arrived in Switzerland and is great. The fit is great over my ski back protector so I will be skiing in it next season… The shirt is very morish, now I have 1 I want more.”
Giles / Switzerland
“The Shirt is great! Many thanks. Suspect I will be back for a wool one before next winter.”
Austin / South Yorkshire
“I am delighted with the shirt, which was tested in the snow today. It is sensational.

A big thank you to you and to Julia, who made it.”

Juan / Surrey
“I just want to let you know that i received my Fell shirt on time since Wednesday! I’m blown away by the quality and the design! Can’t wait to use it!
I love it so much that I want to get a heavy weight shirt as well.”
Permpong / Bangkok
“Shirt received, thanks for the prompt service. Going to be the smartest dog walker in Warwickshire, glad to know the weather is going to stay cold so I can give the shirt a test, maybe even some snow. My wife has already tried it on so there could be another order in the pipeline soon!”
Robin / Warwickshire
“First I’d just like to say how much I love my shirt, it performed so well in the cold conditions, thank you for making it possible for me to take it to Austria!”
Adam / Birmingham
“Just to let you know have just taken delivery of my shirt from your good selves…..and I’m highly delighted.
Thanks for your back up re measurement check and delivery details. Will be back in touch”
Bernard / Largs, Ayrshire
“It’s just turned up – it’s fantastic and a great fit from a 6’9” difficult to fit ex rugby player, there’s not much that fits as well.”
Jeff / Bucks
“I just received the shirt and it is nothing short of superb!”
Mark / London
“I am loving my mountain shirt, I am currently skiing for the season in the French Alps (very snowy this year) and the shirt is simply fantastic; warm but avoiding the ‘boil-in-the-bag’ feeling you can get while active in the outdoors. In a lifetime of outdoor adventure this may be the best bit of kit I have used.”
Ian / UK
“Precious cargo arrived today! To say I’m stoked is an understatement! Thanks!”
Kenny / UK
“My new McNair shirt arrived yesterday and its fabulous. It’s a custom size and it fits absolutely perfectly.”
Kelvin / UK
“Just wanted to say a big thanks. Just picked up my shirts and had a good long natter! These shirts will keep me warm at the top of the wind turbines in Denmark! The new plasma shirt is ACE!! I have it on now.”
Mike / UK
“My Field Jacket arrived today. I’m blown away by the garment, the attention to detail, craftsmanship and how you turned it all around in only a few days. It really is one of the nicest things in my wardrobe….the only issue being, I now want another!!!”
Mike / UK
“The shirt arrived today – absolutely amazing and a perfect fit – thank you very much for your help – looking forward to wearing it now.”
James / UK
“The shirt was delivered yesterday and it fits like a glove. Thank you so much for all your help. I can honestly say that the service you have provided is the best I have received from any company I have dealt with over the last few years. Outstanding! And the quality of the shirt is superb too!”
Phil / UK
“I received the shirt on Monday. It fits beautifully and I’m really pleased with it. See you at next years show hopefully.”
Nick / UK
“Just a quick note to say many thanks for the Corduroy Mill Shirt which I received with great pleasure yesterday morning. Very much a quality product from the experience of unwrapping the nicely packaged parcel onwards. Many thanks again Natalie for being able to turn around this made to measure version so quickly. Great example of customer service and a real plus that it is made locally in Yorkshire too. Excellent fit and I intend to wear the shirt over the course of this weekend.”
James / UK
“Thank you for the amazing shirts!  Incredible quality and they look, feel and fit great – thank you so much!”
Dwight / Canada
“I’ve just taken delivery of my four pocket moleskin shirt. It is superb!”
Gerwyn / UK
“From the sizing and ordering process to the packaging and prompt delivery, we found the whole experience very professional. I would have confidence in all orders achieving this high standard; but, would like to ‘shout out’ in particular to Lesley for an excellent job/fit/shirt.

My other half’s a master tailor/dressmaker and she was impressed with the job – it was a present from her to me – this sealed the deal. She smiled when she saw you backing buttons with buttons – to prevent the thread pulling through the fabric.”

Martin / UK
The Squires Family
“How impressed we are with our McNair Shirts!”
The Squires Family / York
“The shirt has arrived safely, and it’s such a wonderful fit. Thank you so much – I will really enjoy wearing it, and I’m sure it won’t be the last I purchase!”
Claudia / UK
“I just got back from my trip to a very bitterly cold Reykjavik, Iceland and thought to share with you and your company that your winter shirt came through the bitter cold winds with flying colours!

I went aboard a boat out to catch the Northern Lights in the middle of winter at 11p.m. You can only imagine the wind chill blowing across the fjord from cold winds off glaciers in the distance and not for a second did my torso felt the very strong winds nor the cold, I just wished my trousers and gloves were of equal fortitude! So thank you and please let everyone know that the McNair shirts are truly the best winter shirt!

I also wanted to commend your tailors for making the shirt fit so damn well! The shoulders, waist and arm lengths were perfect to me body shape/size! I am really impressed by the craftsmanship.”

Kevin / UK
“The shirt has been incredible! I’ve had it in Canada on a Skiing trip, and the temperature was -20!”
Huw / Wales
“OMG i am happy with the shirts. They look awesome.”
Jón / Iceland
“l love my McNair shirt!”
Roderick / San Francisco
Mark Peskett
“Shirt arrived today, fits a treat, what great quality! Love it.”
Mark Peskett / UK
Nick Peters
“This is hands down the most fantastic, softest and amazingly crafted shirket I have ever had the pleasure to put on!! I don’t know how you managed to create the “toasty melted butter” woollen jacket.. Fits and looks so beautiful, I’ll probably be buried in it”
Nick Peters / Australia
Peter Brewin
“Received my shirt just now. Looks great. Just the weather for the heavy weight!”
Peter Brewin / UK
Muir MacKean
“Many thanks for one of the best pieces of clothing I’ve ever owned!”
Muir MacKean / UK
Alex Burnham
“As one of your customers states, keep doing what you’re doing. You have a fantastic product.”
Alex Burnham / UK
“Many thanks, it’s a perfect fit. Just showing it off at Bolster Moor farm shop.”
Martin / UK
“My shirt has arrived. Perfect fit, absolutely love it. Will put to the test in the snowy highlands this weekend.”
Joanne / Scotland
“The quick turnaround time and the guarantee I would have it before I set off on Monday was extremely reassuring. Nothing ever seemed to be an issue and everything was done in a very friendly manor… great customer service! ”
Calumn / Scotland
“It is like wearing a warm embrace from a dear friend. The fit is perfect, thanks for the help there.”
Roy / US
“My shirt arrived this morning – its fantastic!!! Thanks for the prompt and wonderful service (and shirt!)”
David / UK
“Still loving the shirt. We have had a proper cold spell here in Berlin, -10 Celsius for a few days and the shirt performed great, I never felt cold.”
Boris / Germany
James Bethurem
“I’m heading to Japan with the Gear at the end of January. Currently it’s 34 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity in Cairns, so don’t know how long I’d last all rugged up in the merino goodness ;)”
James Bethurem / Australia
“OH MY WORD. I’ve just been over to Slaithwaite to pick up my shirt. I’m not sure I can verbalise just how pleased I am with it. The fit is AMAZING, it’s a thing of beauty. Natalie and the team are super lovely too. Thank you so very much. Anyone in the area should pop in and have a chat.”
Ilya /
Sean Delaney
“Just arrived and fits perfect! Thank you very much for your perseverance in getting the right shirt for me.”
Sean Delaney /
Jane Gallagher
“Just to let you know that the voucher arrive as promised yesterday. Our son was absolutely overjoyed to receive it. Thank you for your care and attention.”
Jane Gallagher /
“Just to let you know I’ve received the shirt. What beautiful craftsmanship and feels incredibly strong.
This will be something that is handed down for sure. Please tell Josie I’m really impressed and thank you.”
Anthony /
“It arrived and I love it.”
Will /
Andrew Dawson
“I wanted to say thanks for making me such a superb shirt. It’s been used in anger this week in Scotland and is fantastic both inside and out in a massive range of conditions.”
Andrew Dawson /
Clare Hieatt
“David’s shirt arrived Monday afternoon and he hasn’t taken it off since. He loves it and it’s beautifully made.”
Clare Hieatt / Wales
Andre Van Wyk
“Just wanted to give you an update on my shirt…. I’ve been wearing the hell out of it!! I’ve just come back to Cape Town after 2 weeks in Queenstown New Zealand on a shoot, and my shirt was worn pretty much all day everyday… absolutely brilliant in the freezing temps of NZ, out on the mountains, and forests and on the water… I was there for a shoot, so unfortunately no snowboarding time ( or fishing ) but was out in the elements all day everyday, and the shirt was perfect ever step of the way!!!”
Andre Van Wyk / South Africa
Julien Belou
“We just receive the shirt this afternoon. The made to measure is a success. Thank you McNair for that awesome product.”
Julien Belou / Verbier
Richard Kelly
“It’s a fantastic fit, thank you. Well worth the wait! I’ll report back when I’ve taken it on my next snowboarding trip.”
Richard Kelly / UK
Adam Mansell
“…Just to say I absolutely love the shirt. Can’t wait to take it out on the mountains…”
Adam Mansell / UK
Michael Schwartz
“…Just wanted to let you and your team that I received my shirt today, and it is absolutely incredible! It far surpassed my expectations. Couldn’t ask for a better product! Keep doing what you guys are doing…”
Michael Schwartz / Canada
Andre Van Wyk
“…an unbelievably beautiful and magnificent product… not often I would say I am proud to wear anything, but this shirt is something I feel proud to wear…”
Andre Van Wyk / South Africa
Iain Robertson
“Absolutely delighted with my first @mcnairshirts shirt! The quality surpasses any garment I’ve ever worn. It’s like a super cozy, heavy duty snowsports coat that’s wind breaking, breathable and so hydro-phobic that water literally beads right off it.”
Iain Robertson / UK
“…The birthday boy is, as you can tell, absolutely delighted with his present. In fact, he can’t bear to take it off, in spite of sunny warm weather on the west coast of Scotland. Does your excellent service include surgical removal?!”
Alexander / UK
“I wish to confirm delivery of my beautiful chilli Highland Gilet!! It is a work of art and you and your team should be commended for your craft. Thank you. I shall treasure it. X”
Nick / Lincoln
“The jacket arrived this morning – it’s wonderful, so very pleased with it.”
James / UK
“O(to the)MG this shirt is flippin phenomenal! So happy with it, fits perfectly and the quality and attention to detail is unparalleled. Thank you all so much for the incredible service and speedy delivery. I’m blown away really.”
Dave / Surrey
“My shirt arrived, I love it! Thank you for all of your help in the ordering process.”
Keith / Colorado, USA
“I’ve only tried it on, not worn it properly as yet, however it is lovely and I’m very pleased with the quality and fit of the shirt.”
Simon / Sussex
“The shirts have arrived and they are fantastic. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance on sorting out the fit. It was a real pleasure dealing with you.

I think I will ‘need’ another shirt before too long.

With thanks and very best wishes”

Edward / Cornwall
“Received my first shirt. Very pleased. Thank you.

Will be ordering another and one for my wife.

Again – many thanks.”

Matthew / Victoria, Australia
Becky & Brian
“Thank you so much, our beautiful shirts have arrived. They are absolutely fabulous and we can’t wait to wear them. The workmanship is an extremely high standard and I am so glad I chose the chilli red.”
Becky & Brian / Gloucestershire
“My shirt has arrived.
I am very happy with the fit.
Thank you for all your help.”
Zachary / Cambridgeshire
“Arrived this morning. Looks and feels just great. I think I’ll wear it ALL the time…”
Steve / Yorkshire
“My Beautiful shirt has just arrived and lit up the kitchen. What a lovely colour. My next job is to go to the Farm Shop and it is pouring with rain so it will be thoroughly Christened.”
Ray / Derbyshire
“It’s just arrived and is perfect – thank you!”
Mark / Manchester
“Got my shirt today – on my birthday
And…..? Love piece
Thanks a lot to all which have been involved.
Carry on making us happy”
Uli / Switzerland
“I fell in love with the brand and its marketing strategy a few months ago. Since then I have appreciated every bit of help and assurance from Lydia and Natalie in the customer services team to finally receiving my shirt today, only two days since I ordered it.

Thanks to Josie who made the shirt and is clearly good enough to put her name on the shirt handwritten in pen, I now have a water-resistant corduroy McNair garment that fit superbly and is clearly excellent quality.

I’m already thinking about the next one for me, and maybe the rest of my family.”

Steve / Skipton
“Just wanted to say thanks for sorting everything out for me and turning the new shirt around so quickly.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m a bit gutted the weather has been so nice as I’ve only got to wear it once so far!”

Ben / Plymouth
“Just wanted to let you know that the Mountain Shirt arrived safely (and quickly!) in this morning’s post. Really pleased with the look, feel, and quality. We’ve still got a few more weeks of winter here in our part of the United States, so I’m looking forward to breaking it in before spring. Can’t be more pleased!”
John / Maryland, USA
“My shirt has arrived and it is beyond fantastic!

It’s a little too warm to fully appreciate it but I’m wearing it regardless. As soon as I finish my meetings for the day I’ll be walking into the village for its first trip.

Thank you so much for this and thanks to Selina. The fit is perfect. Looking forward to my next shirt already.”

Paul / Derbyshire
“It arrived, it’s perfect, she loves it and lives in it. Thank you again so much for all of your help.”
James / Gloucestershire
“Just want to share how fantastic my Mountain shirt is, kindly bought for me by my sister last summer. I live in Northern Finland and the shirt has outperformed even my high expectations this winter. I’ve worn it in blizzards and down to -25C degrees and stayed warm. Outstanding product, I’m already saving for more McNair kit!”
Joffy / Oulu, Finland
“I’ve got the shirt. It’s perfect, thanks so much. Very happy with the fit. ”
Will / London
Stewart & Lesley
“Our mountain shirts performed brilliantly for our cross country skiing holiday – we were toasty warm!”
Stewart & Lesley / North Yorkshire
“My flat cap arrived safely. It is very well made and definitely worth the wait. This cap will be amongst my other favourites for the season. Thank you.”
Brian / Surrey
“My cap arrived yesterday. I love it! Thank you.”
Adam / Bristol
“Shirt arrived this morning and its perfect! Thank you so much once again, I’m really pleased with it. This honestly has been one of the best services I’ve ever received, thank you”
Adam / London
“Shirt delivered fine, desperate to wear it but it’s a bit hot!!”
Sara / Wiltshire
“I just wanted to let you know I received my shirt yesterday, thank you so much for helping me with everything, it’s fits beautifully – great customer service and I will definitely recommend the shirt and company to all my friends.

And thank you to Josie for making it – super quality and workmanship.

I look forward to the cooler summer nights so I can wear it.”

Elizabeth / Denmark
“Just tried on my shirt. Fantastic. Superb fit. Flawlessly made. Big hug and kiss to Josie.”
Michael / Aberdeenshire
“Received the 2 garments today & they are brilliant may I add the made to measure service you did makes the shirts a superb fit for me for driving and shooting”
Keith / North Yorkshire
“Not normally one to draw positive comments on my sartorial elegance, when I wear your shirts, of any hue, I get lots of compliments on my “jacket” whenever I’m in the US!”
Jason / Andorra
“The shirt arrived and it fits perfectly. Thank you!”
Giles / Buckinghamshire
“It has just arrived and it fits perfectly – you are amazing thank you so much for bearing with me and apologies for being such a nightmare customer, now busy saving up for a mountain shirt so please keep my measurements on file.”
Hugo / Wiltshire
“Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the Mountain Shirt. I love it. You’ve got a fan in me!”
Mike / Portsmouth
“Already saving for my next McNair shirt!

This is better than I could have ever imagined! I absolutely love it!! It’s the most versatile shirt ever!
So happy with it!”

Dan / Macclesfield
“Many thanks the shirt has arrived and it’s great – I would like to thank you for all your efforts to ensure the shirt is a perfect fit which it is – my wife is very pleased with it and it passed its first test today in the freezing wind – thanks again – I’m sure we will be back in buy from you again!”
James / Andover
“All received and it is perfect! Thank you so much.”
James / London
“My shirt arrived today and I am over the moon! It fits perfectly.
Such a beautiful Jacket. Thank you so much.”
Peter / Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear
“Embarrassed to admit that on my recent trip to Denmark, fort William, and the isle of Skye, all I wore was your medium weight Wool shirt. It kept me comfortable in the cold snowy conditions I encountered the last two weeks! Received many compliments along the way. It really is a shirt that can be handed down to many generations. I was truly amazed by the weather resistance and the ability of the shirt to almost self clean itself when hung up in open space. ”
Rick / UK
“Just wanted to thank you for making the Mountain shirt the way you do. I’ve had mine for two years now and worn it in all conditions. It never fails to keep me comfortable with just a base layer and when others are changing their manmade fibre jackets for others as conditions change, I just marvel at the capacity of wool to get the job done. I know it was an expensive product, but it’s made beautifully and I think may just be the best thing I own.”
Justin / UK
“I just wanted to say how impressed I am with my first McNair shirt. The cut is perfect, just the right balance meaning it looks great but you still have room to move. I just need to get saving for a merino shirt before the weather turns too cold. Keep up the great work!”
Chris / UK
“Tried it on and its a perfect fit! Can’t wait to try it out in Hokkaido, Japan for the next snowboarding season. Many thanks to Josie for such a great job!”
Douglas / Taiwan
“The shirt arrived a few moments ago in perfect time, thank you so much. I am blown away with its quality, it is absolutely magnificent, and will be the perfect partner on my many travels. The mid-weight certainly seems to be the ideal combination for what I want it for, and I can’t wait to get out on the road to use it!”
Cliff / UK
“The shirt arrived safely, a perfect fit and I adore it. Looking forward to winter to wear it!”
Helen / UK
“Thank you everybody who produced this beautiful piece of work. It truly is the best shirt that ever rode my back!!”
George / Isle of Wight
“Just received my shirt! I love it! Great fit! I’m happy to now own two of your fine products. Maybe a third one will join sometime down the line. The corduroy looks amazing. Thanks again for all your wonderful help.”
Steve / California
“My wonderful shirt arrived! Thank you so so much!

Really really pleased.

Thanks so much for all your efforts!! You’re amazing!”

Sue / UK
“The shirt arrived a few moments ago in perfect time, thank you so much.

I have to let you know I am blown away with its quality, it is absolutely magnificent, and will be the perfect partner on my many travels. The mid-weight certainly seems to be the ideal combination for what I want it for, and I can’t wait to get out on the road to use it!”

Cliff / UK
“Thought I would take a few minutes to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase. In a word WOW many thanks to Irina for putting this fantastic shirt together.

I will be in Namibia later this year and the shirt will be perfect for those early morning starts.

I will send a picture of my McNair from Namibia, my first McNair but not my last.

Over the Moon.”

Steve / UK
“I’m delighted with my shirt, it fits perfectly everywhere. The customer service and care has been refreshing and awesome. Thank you for all your efforts.”
Michael / UK
“The shirt arrived yesterday and it fits like a glove. Absolutely love it and look forward to wearing it in the Alps next week. Thank you for the excellent service.”
Wayne / UK
“I would like to pass on my reaction to my purchase of my Mountain shirt. It is quite simply fantastic. I haven’t taken it off since receiving it. Yesterday I walked from Haworth to Top Withens and back with just a ‘t’ shirt underneath my Mountain shirt, I was as warm as toast. (hovering around 0 centigrade all day).”
Emmet / UK
“Shirt arrived today and I had to try it out in a minus 3C walk this evening. Just as I would expect merino to behave, but so well made and comfortable!”
Steve / UK
“Thank you for such excellent customer service. We are so happy to receive the replacement shirt in time for our trip to Paris – it fits a treat.”
Maddy / UK
“The shirt arrived yesterday and it is even better than I expected, thank you! Can’t wait to get it out in the hills.”
Alexander / UK
Nigel Harrison
“The shirt is perfect! The fit is spot on, everywhere, and the phone fits in the pocket. The only trouble is the weather, it’s 29ºC!”
Nigel Harrison / UK
Richard Bakker
“The shirt is sensational. I was just wearing one layer underneath the McNair shirt and was still warm. Besides that it looks just great. Many thanks for your great service and congrats with making a fantastic product.i simply love it!!!!”
Richard Bakker / UK
Austin Healey
“I skied deep powder all day with just a t-shirt under the McNair Shirt, best piece of clothing I’ve ever bought!”
Austin Healey / UK
John Kasey
“All received and bloody fantastic as usual”
John Kasey / UK
“Quick update on the shirt – fantastic! I’ve worn it so much, maybe not everywhere, but close! It’s wearing really well and looking great – pilling really was minimal. Oh, and completely out of the blue it gets to go snowboarding in April!”
Nigel / UK
“Shirt arrived today. Fabulous.”
Darrin / Australia
“Just to let you know the shirt fits great!!”
Michael / UK
“Just picked up the shirt, looks and feels amazing. This will be coming with me to the X-games in Aspen tomorrow. Thank you for the swift delivery and polite and simple nature of getting this to me. I am sure this will keep me warm in the cold temps of Aspen and then Breckenridge. Again thank you for a great product, its a breath of fresh air to purchase something that is actually made in Britain and made properly.”
Josh / UK
“It’s fantastic – looks great and fits perfectly. I can’t wait to give it a proper test run in Riga this weekend. Thanks again for getting it ready in time for my trip.”
Chris / UK
“I received my shirt, it’s perfect, i love it! Bravo et merci.”
François / France
“Fantastic service for a fantastic shirt! I’m really impressed with the quality. I’m looking forward to trying it out in the mountains next month.”
Brendan / UK
“DANKE es ist Perfekt!!”
Matti / Austria
Sebastian Grissmer
“I just wanted to let you guys know that the Shirt arrived and words can’t describe how awesome it is! Perfect fit and it feels sooooo good! Instant favorite piece. My thanks to Josie for making this :)”
Sebastian Grissmer /
John Limb
“Just got back from a work trip and my shirt has arrived! It fits perfectly and looks awesome. Thank you so much for sorting it out and turning it around so quickly.”
John Limb /
Nikki and Carl
“Just wanted to say a big thanks for our McNair shirts. We are super happy with them.”
Nikki and Carl /
Antony Parry
“Would you please pass on my thanks to Josie who made my shirt 336/15. I can feel the love in the stitching.
I very much appreciate her work. The shirt is great, does the job beautifully and has received lots of compliments.”
Antony Parry /
“Got my Shirt and have not taken it off… love it.”
Julian / Australia
Aidan Harrington
“Just got the shirt yesterday. Love it!Thanks for making those alterations in the size as well.”
Aidan Harrington / UK
Paul Johnson

“ Just back from Skiing in La Grave. What a pleasure to wear the “worlds finest mountain shirt”.  The shirt draws on the heritage and skill of the West Yorkshire textile processing industry which is recognised as a world leader in wool. As a fourth generation wool dyer and finisher I am a proud supporter of this shirt. Congratulations to the team at McNair for creating a superb product. Get One !!”

Paul Johnson / WT Johnson
Daniel Biddulph
“I have the shirt!!!! It fits like a glove. I love it.”
Daniel Biddulph / UK
David Quinn
“Just a note to say my shirt has arrived and I am overjoyed with it and the service from McNair and wish you the best of luck in the future.”
David Quinn / UK
Richard Stone
“The shirt arrived today and wow, it is fantastic, really pleased with it and wore it straight away to collect my son from school. I can see me wearing it a lot. Must start saving for a lightweight one to wear when warmer.”
Richard Stone / Carmarthenshire
Julian D
“…skiing was a bit varied last week, but I wore my shirt on 2 days when the temperature was -15c and the wind blew. With an Icebreaker base layer and a mid weight puffa jacket underneath I was plenty warm enough apart from my nose and toes. Would you make some socks?!!!”
Julian D / UK
Marc Wierenga
“I have been wearing the shirt a lot on my travels and I love it!!”
Marc Wierenga / Signal Snowboards
Paul Warren-Cox
“…shirt has turned up. It’s not just a shirt is it really…more like a work of art!”
Paul Warren-Cox / Vale of Glamorgan Wales
Ben O'Neill
“…Got my mid-weight shirt! It’s fantastic – the best shirt I’ve ever owned”
Ben O'Neill / UK
Lewis Sonvico
“I f**king love it, probably worn it nearly everyday since I got it, so stoked on it, love riding in it, learnt dubs in it, dick around in it, go to clubs in it, look fresh in it, boom”
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Lewis Sonvico / Super Rad
“I received my shirt on Friday, I wear it everyday it’s perfect! Awesome quality, nice fitting (large sizing is perfect for me) If it wasn’t so expensive I would buy all colors!”
Adrien / France
“It’s fantastic!!! I love it!!!
It complements all the others!
Currently photographing Mt Cook in New Zealand.”
Paul / UK
“Received this morning and fits like a glove. Delighted!!”
James / UK
“The Canvas is astonishing (fully worth waiting for ;-)). The color, the fabric, the size: all perfect. Quite a different kind of shirt compared to the moleskin and corduroy and therefore special in its own way – very happy with it. The Canvas is astonishing (fully worth waiting for ;-)). The color, the fabric, the size: all perfect. Quite a different kind of shirt compared to the moleskin and corduroy and therefore special in its own way – very happy with it.”
Freek / The Netherlands
“Well, I picked up my shirt and have unboxed it. Spectacular. That’s my initial reaction. It is really difficult to come across a quality item like this. Please thank the person responsible.

That is one spectacular shirt. Exactly what I was looking for. Quality like that is far and few.

I can tell you right now that shirt is going to be one of my most treasured pieces of clothing.

Ottawa is one of the coldest capitals in the world and I know right now that shirt will provide great comfort. I put it on and could feel its warmth. But I didn’t buy the shirt for Ottawa. I bought it for the times I spend in the woods of New Brunswick. I will wear this shirt over the coming months to get a feel for the temperature ranges that are suitable for it. I will test it out in the rain too. I am outdoors a lot so I have numerous coats and jackets, sweaters etc. that I can combine to take on the elements. Looking forward to wearing it.

Thank you very much for producing such a quality shirt. I couldn’t be happier.”

James / Ottawa
Trudi & Gavin
“The gilets arrived early this morning and I am writing to let you know that we are delighted with them. The quality is fantastic and exceeds our expectations.

With kindest regards and many thanks”

Trudi & Gavin / London
“I received the shirt today. I’m over the moon with it. My wife has already tried stealing it and I can’t wait to get outside with it. The fit is exceptional and the quality exceeds that I envisaged it would be.”
Andy / Lancashire
Michael / Yorkshire
“Shirt received and love it. It even makes me look slimmer😄”
Andy / Derbyshire
“Just to let you know, my shirt has arrived, it is superb. I just hope it stays cold enough to be able to use it over the next few weeks.”
Ben / Worcestershire
“It has just arrived, and a beautifully made thing it is too!

My only concern is that my wardrobe will forever more simply be indigo jeans, white t-shirt, and a choice McNair shirt or jacket – not that that would be a bad thing…?”

Aeneas / Bristol
“Thanks again for my amazing shirt. They are the best pieces of clothing ever.”
Alex / Hampshire
“I bought a beautiful Fell shirt McNair’s recently in Heather. It was made to measure and fits me well for when I’m out walking. It does feel very cosy. Thank you, The Baron of Lundie.”
Craig / Middlesex
“I’m sure you get this a lot but I’m sending you all a huge thank you for the shirt. The fit feels just right! I hope you’ve kept the measurements as I’m likely to be ordering from you again. Again thank you all for taking the care and attention in producing such a wonderful piece of proper clothing.”
Hung / London
“Thanks very much, it’s great and fits beautifully. I’m looking forward to trying it out in Lake Tahoe in two weeks!”
Will / Berkshire
“The shirt arrived yesterday and is a perfect fit. Thank you for taking the time to check all the details with me before making it. I’m looking forward to putting through its paces!”
James / Hampshire
“Thank you very much for good service during the ordering process. And thank you for such a great product. It is what I hoped it would be, and then some.

Right now we have -16 Celsius and cold winds, and the jacket handle these conditions better than my RAB down. And it looks stylish as well.

All the best from Norway!”

Kristian / Vollen, Norway
“Fantastic quality and impeccable tailoring. Really appreciate your team making these shirts.”
Torsten / Belmont, MA, USA
“Just letting you know shirt arrived yesterday. Perfect fit. Its amazing. Thanks for your help.”
Daniel / London
“Have received my shirt and just wanted to let you know it is perfect! Love it.”
Darlene / West Yorkshire
“My Fell Jacket arrived safely today. I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with it. The fit of the jacket is perfect and I am so glad I took your advice to have the jacket a couple of inches longer. It is very beautifully made and I would like you to pass on my gratitude and praise to all those involved in making it.

I will truly enjoy wearing it especially knowing it was made in this country.

Once again many thanks”

Sue / Dorset
“The shirt has arrived and it fits like a glove.

Thanks again for your brilliant customer service, one of the best I have encountered.”

Bill / Tunbridge Wells
“The shirt is here! Husband delighted. Thank you.”
Val / North Yorkshire
“Really pleased… great fit.”
Ged / South Yorkshire
“My stunning jacket arrived this morning & even though it was 28 degrees I tried it on immediately; absolutely perfect & I am beyond delighted. Thank you for such excellent service & I wish you continued success.”
Jo / West Midlands
“Wonderful shirt, thank you very much.”
Robin / Hong Kong
“Just received my shirt. Wow!. Magnificent. Thank you it really is a beautiful shirt!”
Tom / Australian Capital Territory
“The shirt did arrive yesterday and it is a fantastic fit and lovely well-made thing! Many many thanks for your assistance with the order and the tremendous service from measurement to delivery.”
Mark / Worcestershire
“The shirt arrived, and it’s terrific, great fit, and amazing quality. Love it.”
Wes / Utah
“I’m wearing the shirt right now, and couldn’t be happier. I love the look and it’s a perfect fit.”
Rob / Middlesex
“The shirt arrived absolutely on time and my son now has it, it was for his birthday – 40th!! He is absolutely delighted with it and I must say it is a fabulous shirt, beautifully made. Can’t tell you how happy he is with it – a perfect fit. He is very tall and the length is excellent, he ordered the extra long one.
Many thanks once again.”
Anne / Courchevel
“The shirt arrived yesterday. Thanks so much. It is absolutely amazing and worth the wait.”
Rebecca / Ontario, Canada
“Just for you to confirm that I received my shirt, I totally love it!
Thank you very much.”
Paul / Paris
“The shirt was delivered earlier today. Absolutely delighted with it, thank you!”
Sonia / Douvaine, France
” I have received the shirt and it’s a perfect fit , thank you so much for keeping us updated. Very happy husband!”
Trudy / Cornwall
“Thanks for the shirt….. it looks really excellent!”
Jason / Andorra
“Shirt here as promised. It is truly fantastic! Exceptional.”
Nigel / Monaco
“Just wanted to let you know that the McNair shirt was absolutely loved. He was thrilled with it! The first of many I think!
Thanks for your help and great service.”
Victoria / Aylesbury
“Received my beanie in perfect condition today. Must say how nice it looks and a lovely soft feel too.”
Will / UK
“Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for the Shirt – Ben is over the moon with it, (apparently the best present ever) :”
Siobhan / UK
“I received my jacket whilst I was at work at my parent’s art gallery today – I was on my own and super busy but I got to open it when my mum got back from visiting grandma. Mum gave me £200 towards the jacket as my xmas and birthday gift – I paid the rest. It is so beautiful!!! Thank you so much! I am so unbelievably pleased with it. Mum is so glad she chipped in for my me for xmas/birthday.
Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!
Definitely the best jacket I’ve ever worn, I’m super excited to go riding in it – it’s going to be a good season!”
Emily / UK
“Thanks for the follow up, yeah it arrived today, it’s so so nice, I love it.”
Rory / UK
“Perfect fit – I love it! Thank you very much for all your help with the measurements.”
Sarah / UK
“I have received the shirts today as scheduled (made to measure midweight merino). The men’s shirt is fantastic!”
Damien / UK
“The shirt arrived today and is fantastic. We saw them at the Good Life Experience at the weekend and my husband couldn’t wait to order one. Thank you very much for a great product and prompt service!”
Jane / UK
“Thanks Nat for all your help – received the shirt yesterday and it’s solid! I anticipate I will ordering more shirts down the track.”
Yon / Perth, Australia
“Shirt has arrived – what a thing of beauty looking forward to it getting colder….!”
Chris / UK
“The shirt arrived and is a perfect fit. Susan says it’s the only shirt thats ever fitted me properly and I promise not do any painting or welding while wearing it. Once again thanks for your help and thanks to your team for their skill in making it.”
Allan / UK
“I received my shirt last week and I absolutely love it. It may be the nicest piece of clothing I have ever owned. I can’t wait for it to get cold enough here to wear it.”
Jeff / West Virginia
“The shirt has just arrived. It fits perfectly, thank you. Fantastic.”
Dave / UK
“Thanks for getting my PlasmaDry across in time for my trip to Morzine. Fits perfect, no doubt I’ll be in touch soon for a moleskin as well.”
Michael / UK
“Just received my shirt today. I absolutely love it! Thanks for all your help with the purchase. Thanks again for the amazing customer service.”
Steven / California
“The shirt arrived it looks amazing!!!! Thank you for the fast turnaround!!”
Niko / Germany
“I’ve just taken delivery of my four pocket moleskin shirt. It is superb.”
Gerwyn / UK
“Many thanks for the lovely McNair shirt/jacket I collected today, already much admired.”
Helen / UK
“First impressions of the shirt are great, sizing and cut is perfect and the quality is obvious.”
James / UK
“I’m delighted with my shirt, it fits perfectly everywhere. The customer service an care has been refreshing and awesome. Thank you for all your efforts.”
Mike / UK
“It arrived and it is magnificent. Thanks!”
David / UK
“I’m every bit as impressed with the two new shirts (Mill shirt & mid-weight Mountain) as I was with the heavy-weight Mountain Shirt!”
Christopher / UK
“The Mill Shirt has just arrived. I love it. Just what I wanted. Sporting it now. Quality, quality, quality – plus, style, material and the making.”
Dave / UK
“Thanks so much for getting the shirt over to me so quickly, it fits perfectly and is lovely (exactly as my other shirts). The level of customer service/care is wonderful and the quality of the product is second to none!!”
James / UK
Hilary Lade
“Just to say that the new shirt performed perfectly both sailing in the Baltic and later in the mountains in Switzerland: a new term has entered the family vocabulary, ‘McNair moments’, for times when only a McNair can solve the wind, rain or cold problem. The shirts are truly brilliant for sailing.”
Hilary Lade / UK
Hilary Lade
“Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send my new shirt so promptly! I am absolutely delighted with it – perfect fit, lovely colour – and it is definitely on its way to the Baltic tomorrow!”
Hilary Lade / UK
James Harris
“The shirt turned up yesterday and it is exactly as I expected and you described, same fantastic feel and quality.”
James Harris / UK
Andrew Masters
“Holy crap! It is hard to believe how much better it actually is in your hands and on your back than on the website!! First time ever I have been gutted it is warm in Northern Ireland, can’t wait for the colder weather to get it on outside!”
Andrew Masters / UK
Peter Slee
“I road tested my McNair Mid Weight Mountain shirt in Zermatt. Conditions on the ski slopes ranged from -21 with additional 84kph winds to a balmy +7. I used my shirt as a mid layer between a merino baselayer and a lightly insulated jacket. Heaven. The shirt moves with you, keeps you warm when the winds are up, and cool when the sun is out. It also feels great sitting in a bar with a t shirt and jeans.”
Peter Slee / UK
“Many thanks, very impressive service and delivery.”
Stephen / UK
“Thanks for all your help with picking the perfect McNair shirt. It has arrived already and am super happy with it. Can’t wait to wear it on the mountain tomorrow.”
Jason / France
“The shirt arrived earlier today and I love it!”
Dave / UK
“Shirt has arrived. Its fantastic!!! Many many thanks. I is one happy bug!!!!”
Andrew / UK
“I’ve been wearing the new arrival for the past couple of days. Temperatures of between -5 to -12. Very comfortable. Really like it.”
Gideon / UK

“The fit is perfect and I’m pleasantly surprised by how soft the wool is. I shall look forward to popping its cherry on boxing day when I hope to take my kids out on a local loch in the canoe for a paddle. Very pleased.”

Ben / Aberdeenshire
“It’s absolutely awesome in every respect.”
Matt / UK
“Just a quick thanks, shirt is the best!!! Love it!! Been keeping me warm in some good storms, not in Thailand of course. Also a big thanks to you for getting it all sorted.”
Shaun / Thailand
“I just wanted to say that I have received my shirt. I am so happy with it thank you very much! It fits really well and looks great!!”
Charlie / UK
Derek Bosson
“My shirt has arrived safely and has been put to use already, fits just right and can’t wait to take it to the snow. Thanks for the great service and look forward to more purchases from you and the team.”
Derek Bosson /
“I’m really delighted with the shirt. A really good fit for me and the quality and attention to detail is obvious. You can easily see where the money goes. Looking forward to some cold/wet weather now so I can wear it.”
John /
Mike Wolff
“Back in Dubai – and very happy with the new version! Your support, service and understanding were top draw – they really were…just need a holiday in the hills to test the shirts now!!”
Mike Wolff / Dubai
Craig Smith
“…very quickly it became my go to garment as it got colder. Buttoned up and collar up it keeps out the harshest winds, but the shirt isn’t bulky like a down jacket, or something that needs to be shed as soon as you get into your favourite resort bar!”
Craig Smith / Dragon Alliance
Gary Lothian
“The shirt is brawmuchty went oot fur a walk wi the dug tae test it oot, fits amazing, going to Japan next week snowboarding for 2 weeks with the dragon lodge where it will be fully tested , cheers Gary”
Gary Lothian / Scotland (Obviously).
Stuart Brass
“Really appreciate all the help you’ve given me in making sure I got the right shirt.. great service!”
Stuart Brass / SoulSports
Matt Barr
“The rumours are true – I’ve had my McNair shirt four weeks now, and whether it’s been a powder day up Nordkette or wearing it day-to-day, I’ve not taken the thing off. Best mountain shirt in the world? Believe it”.
Matt Barr / ACM
Martin Jones
“My shirt arrived today, love it and it’s a perfect fit. Please pass my particular thanks to Josie for her skill and time in putting my shirt together… My wife is a textile design teacher for her sins and she tells me it was not an easy piece to stitch together… not the easiest material to work with lots of layers and tricky technical details all really well executed… so I’m now even more impressed with it! Thanks to all involved….I’ve a feeling it won’t be my last McNair shirt…the new blue colour looks nice.”
Martin Jones / UK
Dave Lee
“My McNair shirt arrived! Perfect fit! Can’t wait to shred in this thing.”
Dave Lee / Signal Snowboards
Tom Monterosso
“I f**king love the shirt. Thank you so much man. So much.”
Snowboarder magazine
Tom Monterosso / Snowboarder magazine
David Mallinson
“Hi, visited your Mill this morning, AMAZING, I was measured by Natalie and I have placed a Custom Order. I was treated like Royalty, now when my sons want one each, I have no reservation in driving and letting them have the same experience, Top of The World!”
David Mallinson / UK