Igloo adventure.

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We’re all about locally sourced materials and craft at McNair. Our co-founder Neil has also been known to camp out at high altitude whilst exploring the Alps. These two passions don’t really have a lot to do with each other do they?

Well, er, call him a bit daft, but at the end of last winter Neil and a few of our McNair Shirt ambassadors were invited to join Ed Leigh for an Alpine adventure. Their overnight accommodation was as locally sourced and crafted as it’s possible to get, Neil explains:

“The mission was to construct and live in an igloo base camp, comprising of 3 modules, 2 sleeping and one mess pod in a high altitude, remote, location in the Swiss Alps”

Yes, igloos. For anyone who hasn’t slept in one, (me included), igloos take a lot of effort and time, and have to be built properly to do their job (a bit like our shirts – see what we did there?).

Neil goes on:

“Our days started at 5am, hiking in the dark and riding new lines at sunrise before returning to camp for breakfast.”

The Igloo adventure will be featured in a new British Snowboard documentary this Autumn and look out for articles in the Financial Times through the Winter season.

We’ll also be sharing more shots and films over the next few months.

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