Spring cleaning, and the prevention of fine dining for moths.

McNair merino wool hat washing instructions

Merino is wonderful. And with proper cleaning and care it can stay that way for years. As the weather gets a little warmer you may find you’re not wearing your McNair hat or Neck warmer quite as much – so we just wanted to remind you that our accessories are in fact machine washable. A quick spin on the wool setting, no fabric conditioner, dry flat or cool tumble dry and your merino will be back like brand new ready for next winter, or next weekend if you live in the UK.

Also, for those lucky enough to live in warmer climes who may be hanging up their heavyweight shirts until next winter – we need to talk moths. We actually like moths, as long as they stay roughly seven or eight miles away from our precious wool shirts.

There are various natural ways to prevent your McNair shirt becoming the most luxurious supper of their tiny lives. We recommend cedar wood hangers or blocks which naturally deter moths. Try to make sure that your McNair merino shirts and accessories are stored away clean. Moths are partial to the food, hair particles and skin that we happen to leave behind when our clothes are packed away over the summer months. Moths really don’t like dry cleaning fluid, so if your shirt is in need of more than a refresh we’d recommend that this is a good time to treat your McNair to a clean so your shirt is pristine for next autumn / winter.

If you unexpectedly discover moths feasting on your shirt and there isn’t a dry cleaner around you can place your garment inside a freezer for 48 hours and this should destroy any eggs or stop further damage.