Why the things you can’t see sometimes matter most

For many years, the majority of waterproof and water resistant jackets that you see out on the hills have relied on a secret ingredient. And it’s not a very nice one. Long chain fluorocarbons are a key part in what is often described by manufacturers as Durable Water Repellent finishes. This is a chemical coating that causes water to bead up on the outside of the fabric. Ironically it’s not durable at all, it washes off and gets rubbed off easily by rucksacks, ropes and the like. But the real problem with these long chain fluorocarbons is what they do to the planet. Rather than us ranting about it, here’s what Greenpeace have to say.

Proof is now overwhelming that these are harmful to the environment. And governments around the world are in the process of banning them.

Our treatment is called PlasmaDry™ and it’s the result of years of development and millions of pounds of investment. The laser surface enhancement creates permanent structural change to the fibres in the weave to provide a unique, durable water repellency and stain resistance, reduces the need for fluorocarbons.

It’s a new chapter for McNair and also a new life for Moleskin and Corduroy, converting them into genuine performance fabrics.