Art, light and creativity – Moonshine 2021

When McNair set up shop in Slawit, Yorkshire over 8 years ago, we’d never heard of Moonraking –  a festival steeped in legend with magical lanterns, storytelling and music to relieve the winter gloom of February. Usually there’s a procession with hundreds of people and thousands of visitors. The whole village would throw open its doors to the cold.  All the residents for our mill would also get together and organise a festival to celebrate the craft of making.

Only held every 2 years, the village wasn’t prepared to see Moonraking cancelled. This year in a different incarnation called Moonshine, Slawit sees hundreds of homes and businesses adorning their windows with art, creativity and light.  Some of the designs are extremely intricate and beautiful. McNair is also joining in.  If you happen to be local you will see the windows of our mill come to life at dusk. We’re not encouraging anyone to visit, but if you are passing, we think it will raise a smile.


Light up your lantern, light up your light
Remember your friends on this cold frosty night
The Moon she has fallen out of the sky
Take her round Slaithwaite and hold her up high
Peace to the village, peace to the town
Peace to all cities all the world round.

Moonshine.  Across the streets and homes of Slaithwaite.
Thursday 18th – Saturday 20th February, 5.30pm – 8.30pm