European shipping – it’s NOT farewell, so long, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

Map of Europe

We’re finally getting to grips with the changes brought about by Brexit – and what it means for our customers in the EU. Over the last few weeks, shipping to Europe has been a little less straight-forward than usual, but we have a plan to make it better.

Read on to find out what’s changed, and how things will work.

In Europe we have generally used UPS and occasionally DPD parcel services. Some of you may be aware that DPD have currently suspended deliveries between the UK and Europe so all our deliveries unless otherwise specified will be via UPS.

There have been undoubtedly a few teething problems, but we think we have now come to grips with everything.

Here are some of the changes:

UK VAT (our UK sales tax)

From the 1st January 2021, UK VAT (our UK sales tax) will no longer be applied on sales to the EU. Our website will now invoice you nett of any sales tax.

This means you will have to pay the sales tax locally (TVA, MwSt, IVA etc) at the prevailing rate in your country. This will be collected by UPS and they will be in touch with you before delivery for payment.

Brokerage charge & European shipping charge

In addition to the sales tax, there will be an additional brokerage charge which is between 12-15 Euros per consignment, this is to cover disbursements / additional paperwork carried out by the courier. McNair do not wish our customers to be burdened by the additional costs and therefore have taken the decision to reduce the European shipping charge from £25 by 50% to just £12.50. This £12.50 saving will roughly cover the cost of the brokerage charge.


Finally everything we sell is produced here in the UK, therefore duty will not be applicable. We will ensure that all our paperwork includes the necessary declarations so in the event that your local customs incorrectly applies duty, the matter can be simply resolved.

Shipping times

Shipping times in certain ports are a little longer than anticipated however that is also partially due to the current general increase in parcel traffic.

We will do everything we can to make the process as simple as possible and try to ensure that our shirts do not become more expensive as a result of Brexit.

We are deeply honoured to ship our shirts to you all over the world.

Thank you.