Why a McNair merino shirt isn’t just for Winter

Duncan in McNair merino shirt

As one of nature’s finest technical fibres, merino works just as well in the warm as it does in the cold.

It’s common knowledge that merino offers natural warmth and comfort in cold weather, less well known is how effective it is in regulating temperature in the heat.

Merino has unique moisture wicking properties. The inherent chemical bonding within the fibres pulls moisture vapour into them and away from your skin or base layer. This means you feel cooler as the heat and vapour is absorbed into your rather smart looking mountain shirt and then away into the air around you.

Breathability is a key issue for comfort when you’re active or in warmer climates. Despite tests and claims by manufacturers of polyester fabrics, in the real world these fabrics often feel more ‘boil-in-the-bag’ than breathable.

Wool breathes naturally and beautifully. And the milling on a McNair Shirt gives you great protection from the elements. The real trick to breathability and comfort is a fabric that stops the worst of the wind but allows a little airflow both ways. This provides a subtler and more effective barrier in 90% of weather conditions than the complete seal provided by a waterproof shell.

And merino wins over many other types of wool because its fibres are finer, this is what gives merino its super soft feel. Add to this some expert finishing in Yorkshire and you get a beautifully soft fabric that copes easily with the harshest weather.

The net result is that you feel more comfortable in more variable weather conditions than any other fabric. In terms of product development, evolution may not be particularly quick but it is effective.

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