Into the Arctic

‘Outsider’ Liz Seabrook is one of our favourite wanderers, frequently roaming both in Britain and abroad, whilst articulating her exploits through photography and journalism.

She’s very much part of the unplastic movement that is embracing natural fabrics for performance and helping to reduce the impact of outdoor gear on the environment we cherish so deeply.

Liz, and her McNair Shirt, are just back from shooting an adventurous expedition in Finland, deep in the Arctic Circle for Sidetracked magazine.

Liz reflected on her back to basics Arctic adventure…

“We stayed in a remote cabin in the woods at Totavaara, with no running water or electricity, we had wood-fired saunas every day, sat around wood burners, chatted a lot, saw skies full of stars, watched perfect snowflakes fall and even caught a burst of the Northern Lights, glowing green and dancing overhead.

My mountain shirt served me well, keeping the wind out as a top layer and minimising that horrible swish-swish sound that plastic jackets make as your arms swing by your sides. 

Very much in keeping with the McNair Shirts ethos, ‘Of nature, not against it’.

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Photographer Liz Seabrook pictured in Finland's Arctic Circle

Liz Seabrook wearing a McNair Mountain Shirt on a cross-country skiing expedition in Finland

Photographer Liz Seabrook wearing her McNair Mountain Shirt on a photo shoot in Finland.

Photographer Liz Seabrook in a McNair merino Mountain Shirt in Arctic Finland

Liz Seabrook in Finland