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30th June to 2nd July – Hypermarket, SWG3 Glasgow curated by Alec Farmer of Trakke


We are really excited to be heading to Scotland later this month to be joining our friends at Trakke as they kick-off curating the first Hypermarket at SWG3. It’s a monthly curated market and pop up dining experience  that will be taking place across the indoor and outdoor venues at SWG3 every month. Each month […]

Visit McNair Shirts at Burghley Game & Country Fair 2017

Viist McNair Shirts at Burghley Game & Country Fair, 28th–29th May, 2017. We’re heading to Burghley, England’s finest Elizabethan House for a weekend of country pursuits. You can try your hand at everything from falconry to archery, and there’s even a horseboarding spectacle (no, we hadn’t heard of horseboarding either… so we Googled it). There’ll […]

Everest at 53

Everest at 53

Jeff Smith, 53, is on his way up Mount Everest in a McNair Shirt. Jeff, if successful on his trip, will be the first person to summit with two false hips. The aim of this journey is to inspire school children everywhere. Instead of fundraising for this trip, Jeff and his daughter Chloe decided to […]

Into the Arctic

‘Outsider’ Liz Seabrook is one of our favourite wanderers, frequently roaming both in Britain and abroad, whilst articulating her exploits through photography and journalism. She’s very much part of the unplastic movement that is embracing natural fabrics for performance and helping to reduce the impact of outdoor gear on the environment we cherish so deeply. Liz, […]

Meet your maker at the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival

Meet your maker at the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival

On Saturday 25th February we are once again pushing open the creaky old mill gates and opening the McNair Atelier to celebrate the Moonraking Festival. Held biannually, this is a very special day in Slawit’s calendar. Art, craft and food events will be taking place across the village from 1–6pm. There will also be story telling, music […]

Made Beautifully Here – Saturday 3rd December, 2016

Upper Mills in Slaithwaite once again opens those big creaky gates to host ‘Made Beautifully Here’ on Saturday 3rd December 2016. From 10.30am to 5.30pm, you’re invited you to come and browse world-class products and sample local delicacies. The brass band will play, you can get slightly sizzled on mulled wine and a bit podged […]