Really Slow Fashion

Weavers at the Colne Valley Museum

We can’t tell you how excited we are to be collaborating with the Colne Valley Museum in Huddersfield to produce a new cloth. This fantastic museum is housed in four cottages built in the 1850s by a family of independent cloth manufacturers. These old weaving cottages in Golcar show how our ancestors once lived and made a living producing cloth pre-industrialisation.

All of the equipment in the museum is hand operated yet still works beautifully and can produce cloth as exquisite as any modern factory.

The museum offers you the chance to try weaving for yourself and if you head down there over the next couple of months you’ll get to weave this new McNair fabric. This is slow, cooperative manufacturing. We are aiming to have 20 yards of narrow width cloth which will be enough to produce a small collection of shirts and jackets in Heather and Black to be launched late autumn.

Colne Valley Museum is a charity run entirely by a very enthusiastic team of incredibly skilled volunteers who are eager to pass on their knowledge. We are really grateful to all of the volunteers and in particular would like to thank the design legend Raymond Ellis.

In addition to the Textile Collection you can also find clog-making, cookery and interesting costume, political and photographic collections. And of course there’s a tea room.

Open this Bank Holiday and Saturdays, Sundays.

From April to October 2 – 5pm
From November to March 1 – 4pm

Visit the Colne Valley Museum website.


Raymond Ellis visiting McNair Shirts


The Colne Valley Museum


Weavers at the Colne Valley Museum


Weaving at the Colne Valley Museum


Fabric being woven at the Colne Valley Museum


Looms at the Colne Valley Museum


Spindles at the Colne Valley Museum


Traditional weaving at the Colne Valley Museum