“Why I never pack my McNair Shirt when going travelling” – Craig Smith from Dragon


“I was luckily enough to get one of the first prototypes of this merino shirt at the beginning of last season! (Mistaken for someone with influence obviously!). Very quickly it became my go to garment as it got colder. Buttoned up and collar up it keeps out the harshest winds, but the shirt isn’t bulky like a down jacket, or something that needs to be shed as soon as you get into your favourite resort bar! (read: Loop Bar Tignes) like your Burton AK jacket, its smart, and girls seem to love wearing it too. I’ve ridden in it, sat in airport departure lounges in it, picked up girls in it (I know right!!!) and over the season had plenty to drink in it!

Therefore, for all of the above reasons I never pack my McNair shirt when i’m traveling! I’m always wearing it!

The only problem with this shirt! Summer! (light weight version please).”

Craig Smith – Dragon