Raffle & Silent Auction – Very special editions

Ukraine Special Edition Shirts - Lottery & Auction

Two chances to win two unique shirts

And made round ‘ere

We’re now ready with our special edition shirts made in collaboration with the Colne Valley Museum. One will be auctioned and one raffled for Ukraine.

Made over three months by customers, volunteers and visitors of the museum.  A beautiful length of cloth has been handwoven on antique machines by some of the most expert weavers in the country . It’ll make the lining for the collar, stand, cuff, baffles and pockets. There’s a choice of either English Mustard or special edition Sky Blue, both offer a subtle nod towards the Ukrainian flag. 100% of the money raised will go to Ukrainian charities via the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain.

The shirts haven’t actually been made yet so can be made-to-measure in your choice of blue or mustard and in your choice of shirt style.


Raffle tickets are £5 each and it will run until 30th June.  The drawer will be Friday 1st July 2022.  You can enter as many times as you like to improve your chances (and raise money).

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Silent auction

The auction is now live.  All you need to do to place a virtual order with your bid. The highest bid wins and will be notified 1st July.  Good luck and thank you.

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McNair Shirts 'To Ukraine With Love' special edition


Weaving for McNair Shirts at The Colne Valley Museum

Weaving for McNair Shirts at The Colne Valley Museum

McNair men's merino Ridge Shirt in English Mustard yellow

McNair women's merino Fell Shirt in Mustard

McNair men's heavy weight merino Mountain Shirt in English Mustard