Soller to Soller – paddle vs plastic

Soller to Soller

This June Cat Friend (British, 28) and Valerie Bisbal (Spanish, 41) will attempt a world first to become the first people and first women to stand-up-paddle board (SUP) around the entire coast of Mallorca from Soller to Soller – 555km. They are embarking on this epic adventure of endurance to raise money and world-wide awareness of the ocean plastic problem.

The ocean-plastic issue is no secret – everyone has seen plastic bags, wrappers and bottles polluting beaches not to mention the horrific stories and images of sea creatures with stomachs full of plastic. By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

Friend and Bisbal met on the island in June and formed an immediate bond over their love of SUP, their love of the seas and their passion to save them. The two will circumnavigate the island clockwise confronting the cliff coast terrain of the north coast first. The plans dictate the journey will take the women 20 days weather permitting, paddling an average of 6 hours a day. They will wait out storms/swell, timing their weather windows with the distances. Support teams on the island will meet them as they go to replenish food and drink and accompany them through dangerous spots such as the shipping lanes of Palma.

The expedition is not without its challenges, such as jellyfish, dehydration, strong currents and shipping lanes. Whilst the temperature during the day is likely to be hot, the temperature in the evening can vary significantly, especially with the strong sea breeze. McNair are really pleased to be sponsoring these intrepid women and help keep them comfortable during their pre-training and during the expedition. Good luck.