And the process begins again… shearing the flock for our Provenance Merino


It’s unbelievable to think that a year has passed since we embarked on our Provenance Ag adventure with Paul Simons and his team at Glencoe. We have finally started sewing in earnest this month and we think you’ll love the new shirts.

And so the cycle starts all over again. Shearing has just finished and the beautiful merino sheep can enjoy not wearing their winter coats under the summer blue skies. Their wool will be setting off on that slow boat once more very soon heading to our local Yorkshire mills.


The Glencoe Merino flock

Shearing the merino flock in Australia


Glencoe merino wool loaded ready for transporting to McNair Shirts in Huddersfield

McNair Provenance Merino Wool, Australia

Glencoe merino wool packed and loaded for McNair Shirts