Men’s PlasmaDry™ heavyweight moleskin Field Jacket


Our Field Jacket brings the proven McNair Mountain Shirt into British country life. Cotton moleskin has been used by country sports enthusiasts for generations and our PlasmaDry™ heavyweight moleskin gives this much-loved fabric a completely new lease of life.

Once we have the world’s finest moleskin in our hands, our PlasmaDry™ process then supercharges it with exceptional weatherproof qualities. This is our first jacket with extra hip pockets, something that we are so often asked for. The aesthetic is more jacket than shirt. This jacket is perfectly at home in the country, but we already know that this will be one of those pieces of clothing that people just ‘live in’. Smart enough for pretty much most occasions, tough enough to wear and wear, and weather proof too.

*** Long lengths and XXL+ are made to order. Lead-time  is around 2 weeks from date of order. ***

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