From sheep to shirt – developing our own merino flock

McNair Mountain Shirt

When we wanted to make the finest mountain shirt in the world, we quickly realised we needed to make it ourselves, ‘proper’ in Yorkshire. Hundreds of years of local expertise went into creating a world class, natural performance fabric, it then just felt wrong to make the shirt in a far off land. So the answer was to make the McNair Mountain shirt ethically, locally and beautifully.

But what about the wool? Using merino was a great start, it’s softer and mills better than most British wool. But the dream was always to have a completely local supply chain. From sheep to shirt.

After several setbacks, developing our own flock remains the dream so we can develop exactly the right fleece for the final product, whilst the sheep take care of the countryside on their very own herb rich ley. And of course controlling the welfare of the flock becomes achievable.

As a friend or customer of McNair we would like to thank you. The encouragement, help and to be fair, the cold hard cash from you has made it possible to create a unique company making a truly unique product.

Thank you.