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The McNair PlasmaDry™ Shirt gift voucher


Gift vouchers. Are they a lazy present? Do they occasionally convey a sense of 'meh'? Well, perhaps. But this gift voucher isn't a normal gift voucher is it? This is McNair PlasmaDry™ Shirt gift voucher. If you give this to someone we're fairly assured they won't be disappointed. In fact we're convinced that you'll be their favourite person until about the end of time.

It comes boxed, and in it's own very lovely McNair pocket. The recipient can then redeem the voucher by getting in touch with us and going through their size and colour choices to make sure they get exactly the right shirt for them.

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McNair PlasmaDry™ Shirt gift voucher – the best voucher in the world

Buying a McNair PlasmaDry™ Shirt for someone is a big deal. It’s a bit risky to guess someone’s size and then wait a few weeks for their shirt to arrive, only to discover it doesn’t fit. The McNair PlasmaDry™ Shirt gift voucher hopefully solves this little problem. The voucher will arrive boxed and in it’s own little pocket – from there it will be a simple matter of getting in touch with us to chat sizes and colours. The voucher is available for our two PlasmaDry™ fabrics – corduroy and moleskin.


A new chapter for a traditional fabric. Moleskin, along with corduroy has a very rich history belonging to a a group of of fabrics which in the early 19th Century was widely known as fustian. In essence a strong, hard wearing woven cloth made with a linen warp and cotton weft. The Calder Valley in West Yorkshire and neighbouring East Lancashire became synonymous with fustian production however by the end of the 20th Century virtually all the companies had disappeared. The best moleskin and corduroy in the world is still supplied by the last remaining supplier and manufacturer in the Calder Valley.

These exceptionally hardwearing and beautiful fabrics that have unchanged specifications going back generations are now supercharged with PlasmaDry™.

PlasmaDry™ is a big story. It changes everything by bringing previously unseen levels of water and stain repellency without using the harmful fluorocarbons still heavily relied upon in the world of plastic jackets. The laser surface enhancement creates a permanent structural change to the fibres in the weave to provide a unique and durable water repellency and stain resistance. The fabric is changed at a molecular level without affecting the soft feel or natural look. Its genius allows us to meet the McNair promise of beautiful natural fabrics, enhanced for performance – where look and protection are one.

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Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions58 x 45 x 11 cm

Moleskin, Corduroy