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Men’s Mountain Shirt – made to measure


By now you’ll have decided which type of McNair shirt you are. If you’ve happened onto this page without considering the options, please click here and take a little step back to consider the options around fabric, fit and length outlined on the shop section of the site. And if you’re unsure in any way just call us on 01484 846666.

If you have made your choices and you're ready to go, even better, you’re just a couple of clicks away from the best mountain shirt in the world.

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Additional Information
Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions58 x 45 x 11 cm

Mid weight merino, Heavy weight merino, Recycled merino


Charcoal, Arctic Silver, Slawit Blue, Black, Camel, Cinder, Midnight, Smoke, Mustard

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  1. :

    Made to Measure Recycled
    From the sizing and ordering process to the packaging and prompt delivery, we found the whole experience very professional. I would have confidence in all orders achieving this high standard; but , would like to ‘shout out’ in particular to Lesley for an excellent job/fit/shirt.

    My other half’s a master tailor/dressmaker and she was impressed with the job – it was a present from her to me – this sealed the deal. She smiled when she saw you backing buttons with buttons – to prevent the thread pulling through the fabric.

  2. :

    Made to Measure Mid weight
    Just a quick thank you for all your help. The shirt arrived yesterday and it fits like a glove. Absolutely love it and look forward to wearing it in the Alps next week. Thank you for the excellent service.

  3. :

    Made to Measure Heavyweight
    I just got back from my trip to a very bitterly cold Reykjavik, Iceland and thought to share with you and your company that your winter shirt came through the bitter cold winds with flying colours!

    I went aboard a boat out to catch the Northern Lights in the middle of winter at 11p.m. You can only imagine the wind chill blowing across the fjord from cold winds off glaciers in the distance and not for a second did my torso felt the very strong winds nor the cold, I just wished my trousers and gloves were of equal fortitude! So thank you and please let everyone know that the McNair shirts are truly the best winter shirt!

    I also wanted to commend your tailors for making the shirt fit so damn well! The shoulders, waist and arm lengths were perfect to me body shape/size! I am really impressed by the craftsmanship.

  4. :

    Made to Measure Recyled
    Got it this morning, and it’s awesome.

  5. :

    McNair made to measure mid weight Mountain Shirt, Arctic gray
    Before initially placing my order I was in touch with Natalie because I was not sure whether to order an off the rack size or MTM. It quickly became clear that for the fit I was looking for MTM was the way to go. Natalie was very helpful holding my hand through the measuring (and re-measuring) process. After placing my order, communication continued with her asking all the right questions as I explained how I plan to use the shirt, what I’ll be wearing underneath, etc…

    Shortly after receiving my (mid weight) mountain shirt I spent three weeks in Tibet (June/July) putting it to the test:

    It was an absolutely perfect outer layer for the Tibetan summer. On most days I threw it on in the cool mornings and evenings and it kept me nice and comfortable without overheating while practicing Taichi or hiking. On those few occasions where the temperatures dropped a bit lower I buttoned up all the way, folded up the collar and all was good. Only once did i need to add my neck warmer -which fit perfectly under the collar as I had asked Natalie to compensate for this possibility.

    During light to moderate rain when my other companions were forced to don their Gore-Tex shells, I just put on a wide brimmed water repellent hat and was good to go: I’m very impressed with the shirts water resistance and general hydrophobic nature of the fabric. Heavier cool winds were no problem at all. Initially I was planning that the shirt would become my mid layer in these situations, but not once did I even think about digging out my synthetic shell.

    When not in use I kept the shirt rolled up and strapped to my backpack for easy access. As a result the exposed parts of the fabric were occasionally rubbed against other surfaces and subjected to contact with dirt, sand, etc: None of this abuse left any lasting damage. Once, my backpack fell over and the shirt got partially subnerged in a shallow mud puddle. I just let it dry and the caked mud brushed right off.

    One evening in a village just outside Nyingchi I was having a beer with the local grill master, admiring his skill in preparing some suckling pigs and lamb. Without me noticing, a piece of hot ember landed on my sleave and stayed there for a good second (or two) before said grill master did notice and brushed it off. No problem at all, just some lightly singed fibers that rubbed off leaving no trace of the incident. Although I was not very surprised by this (knowing that wool is naturally fire resistant) it was still nice to actually experience and definitely worth a mention here. Try that with your plasti-fleece (or your $600 Arcteryx Gore-Tex shell) and see what happens!

    Although the shirt never did get a funcky smell and it seems to be naturally wrinkle-phobic, somewhere around day 10 we had a night in a hotel that had a nice hot shower in the bathroom, so I cranked up the hot water, hung the shirt up and closed the door. After about twenty minutes in this “steam room” it was completely refreshed, looking almost like new. As luxurious as this fabric looks and feels, I’m impressed with the abuse it shrugged off. I purposefully did not try to “baby” it as I wanted to see how it would hold up to moderate abuse and it passed with flying colors!

    There are a few things I have learned since using my McNair shirt:

    1. Paying extra for made to measure was absolutely worth it.
    2. I will not be purchasing anymore hi-tech synthetic shells.
    3. The shirt will probably outlast me and somebody will be enjoying it after i pass away.
    4. I will be ordering the made to measure heavyweight Mountain Shirt ASAP.
    5. I’m a bit worried because I have never been this emotionally attached to a piece of clothing.

    McNair, thanks for an awesome shirt!

    Natalie, thanks again for your patience and attention to detail!

    Josie, thank you for crafting my shirt!

    Best regards,


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    Made to Measure Heavyweight
    “This is hands down the most fantastic, softest and amazingly crafted shirket I have ever had the pleasure to put on!! I don’t know how you managed to create the “toasty melted butter” woollen jacket. Fits and looks so beautiful, I’ll probably be buried in it.”

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    Made to Measure Heavyweight
    “Received my shirt just now. Looks great. Just the weather for the heavy weight!”

  8. :

    Made to Measure Heavyweight
    “Shirt arrived today. Fabulous.”

  9. :

    Made to Measure Heavyweight
    “The shirt is sensational. I was just wearing one layer underneath the McNair shirt and was still warm. Besides that it looks just great. Many thanks for your great service and congrats with making a fantastic product. I simply love it!!!!”

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    Made To Measure Midweight
    “I’ve got the shirt and it fits perfectly!
    Thank you for all your help. I’m really pleased with the shirt – it’s awesome!!”

  11. :

    Made to Measure Heavyweight
    “I’ve been wearing the new arrival for the past couple of days. Temperatures of between -5 to -12. Very comfortable. Really like it.”

  12. :

    Made to Measure Midweight
    “Many thanks for the shirt. It fits very well and I have already had a few people inquiring about it.”

  13. :

    Made to Measure Heavyweight
    “The shirt arrived earlier today and I love it!”

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