Into the Arctic

‘Outsider’ Liz Seabrook is one of our favourite wanderers, frequently roaming both in Britain and abroad, whilst articulating her exploits through photography and journalism.

She’s very much part of the unplastic movement that is embracing natural fabrics for performance and helping to reduce the impact of outdoor gear on the environment we cherish so deeply.

Liz, and her McNair Shirt, are just back from shooting an adventurous expedition in Finland, deep in the Arctic Circle for Sidetracked magazine.

Liz reflected on her back to basics Arctic adventure…

“We stayed in a remote cabin in the woods at Totavaara, with no running water or electricity, we had wood-fired saunas every day, sat around wood burners, chatted a lot, saw skies full of stars, watched perfect snowflakes fall and even caught a burst of the Northern Lights, glowing green and dancing overhead.

My mountain shirt served me well, keeping the wind out as a top layer and minimising that horrible swish-swish sound that plastic jackets make as your arms swing by your sides. 

Very much in keeping with the McNair Shirts ethos, ‘Of nature, not against it’.

See more of Liz at:

Photographer Liz Seabrook pictured in Finland's Arctic Circle

Liz Seabrook wearing a McNair Mountain Shirt on a cross-country skiing expedition in Finland

Photographer Liz Seabrook wearing her McNair Mountain Shirt on a photo shoot in Finland.

Photographer Liz Seabrook in a McNair merino Mountain Shirt in Arctic Finland

Liz Seabrook in Finland


Meet your maker at the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival

Meet your maker at the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival

On Saturday 25th February we are once again pushing open the creaky old mill gates and opening the McNair Atelier to celebrate the Moonraking Festival. Held biannually, this is a very special day in Slawit’s calendar. Art, craft and food events will be taking place across the village from 1–6pm.

There will also be story telling, music and the Saturday finale starts just after 6pm with the beautiful lantern procession and the playing out of the legend of moonraking with fireworks too.

Come and join us to celebrate with food, drink and tunes from the talented Alana Clifford.

We’ll be sharing a secret on the day too.



Men's heavy weight merino mountain shirt in dark sage

New Flying Jackets for the RAF

RAF Snowboarding

We’re a little bit proud to have been chosen by the RAF Snowboard Team to make their competition shirts. They chose a bespoke colour that looks stunning.

They seem to have done rather well in them too. Taking all three podium places in the Boarder Cross competition as well as other positions during the Parallel Giant Slalom and Slope Style events. Congratulations from us all.

To find out more about the RAF Snowboard Team visit

Facebook: @RAFwintersports
Instagram: RAF_Snowboarding
Twitter: @RAFSnowboard

Photographs: Chris Thompson-Watts

RAF Snowboarding

RAF Snowboarding

McNair Shirts – RAF Snowboarding

McNair Shirts – RAF Snowboarding

RAF Snowboarding

McNair Shirts – RAF Snowboarding

McNair Shirts – RAF Snowboarding

McNair Shirts – RAF Snowboarding

Made Beautifully Here – Saturday 3rd December, 2016

Upper Mills in Slaithwaite once again opens those big creaky gates to host ‘Made Beautifully Here’ on Saturday 3rd December 2016. From 10.30am to 5.30pm, you’re invited you to come and browse world-class products and sample local delicacies.

The brass band will play, you can get slightly sizzled on mulled wine and a bit podged on fancy pastries. Dress for sunshine or snow!

We’re excited to have friends from other British companies join us. Khunu make lovely woollies out of Yak’s wool, Walsh Sports make trainers in Bolton and Trakke will be there explaining how they manufacture their unique range of bags. Anna-Lisa Smith, a West Yorkshire based weaver and designer who creates minimal, colorful merino woven throws & cushions for the home is joining us again.

Anna-Lisa Smith

Olicana Textiles, who supply Liberty of London amongst others, will be sharing their space with talented friends who make soft furnishings using their beautiful fabrics, all available to buy on the day.

You’ll be able to see where we make McNair Shirts, try them on and even get measured up for a bespoke shirt. We will also be launching some brave new colours.

McNair Womens Merino Fell Shirt in Heather

On the top floor Sgt. Smith will open their doors so you can get your hands on their fun range of kids T-shirts and gifts that are usually only available on-line. Also ceramics from Karen Howarth, glass by Louise Watson and prints from Dan Booth.

Ceramics by Karen Howarth

To keep your energy up there will be locally roasted coffee from Dark Woods Coffee, craft beer from Empire Brewing, fresh produce from The Green Valley Grocer and delicious snacks from the Handmade Bakery and charcuterie from The Cure.

The Handmade Bakery

For up to date information follow “Made Beautifully Here” on social media…

Facebook: /MadeBeautifullyHere
Twitter: @MadeProperHere
Instagram: @MadeBeautifullyHere

McNair at Chatsworth Country Fair, 2nd – 4th September


We often warn people before they try on a McNair Shirt that once you’ve put one on, it stops being, ‘will I, won’t I?’ and becomes, ‘sooner or later’. If you haven’t tried one on yet and Derbyshire doesn’t sound too far away, why not pop in and say hello at Chatsworth Country Fair from September 2nd – 4th.

The show is huge and there’s lots of happening country stuff going on. Everything from fly fishing to vintage vehicle displays, clay pigeons to horse driving. Mary Berry to the Red Arrows.

This could be the perfect time to find out why one of our testers described putting on a heavyweight merino shirt as ‘slipping into a cloud’. It’s also a chance to meet co-founder Neil McNair. There are rumours that his Mum is coming down to help, if so expect to hear… ‘You’ll no be wanting a discount will ye.’

You will also be able to see the new PlasmaDry™ range of moleskin and corduroy shirts that take beautiful natural fabrics and make them perfect for the inclement British weather.


There is such a thing as a free lunch

The Handmade Bakery, Slaithwaite

With more and more people wanting to call-in and see shirts being made in our home village of Slaithwaite we’ve decided that brave souls that seek us out and buy a shirt should be treated to a free lunch. Just below McNair, overlooking the canal is the truly excellent The Handmade Bakery.

You’ll need to book your appointment beforehand and if you combine it with a walk down the canal and maybe a trip to the neighbouring Empire microbrewery, based in the mill’s old boiler room and perhaps even a bit of the Pennine Way you’re looking at a grand day out.

The offer is available from 1st to 30th September 2016. To make a booking you can either email or telephone 01484 846666. We look forward to seeing you in Slawit.

The Handmade Bakery

Wool vs plastic fleece


The fleece is one of the outdoor world’s most popular garments – most of us will have owned at least one. However, there’s a rather shocking truth about polyester fleece starting to emerge in the outdoor press. It turns out that each time you wash your trusty fleece jacket you are releasing thousands of tiny plastic particles into our ecosystem. Of course real wool fleece sheds fibres as well but natural fabrics biodegrade in a reasonable timescale, plastic just doesn’t.

America’s Outside Magazine have a long article on the subject here.

It seems we’re all waking up to the fact that we have to start looking for alternatives to our dependency on plastic. If only there was a more sustainable, longer term option…*cough*…

Our Great Yorkshire Shirts at the Great Yorkshire Show.

We’re proud to work in a part of Yorkshire with hundreds and hundreds of years of wool and fabric processing expertise. Our shirts couldn’t be produced anywhere else – Yorkshire is a special place. So it makes sense for us to pack everything we own into a van again and try our luck at the Great Yorkshire Show between July 12th and 14th. It’s a chance to meet-up and chat and try on our merino wool shirts, and our new PlasmaDry™ shirts.

Here’s what the Show’s website has to say:

“The Great Yorkshire Show features the best of British farming and is England’s premier agricultural show. Held at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate it gives first-hand experience of agriculture and rural life through demonstrations and exhibitions as well as a ‘not to be missed’ insight into the very latest in the agricultural industry. There are exciting ring displays, our main ring attraction for 2016 is Bolddog Lings Motorcycle Display Team and we will have more than 1,200 stands with everything from country clothing to combine harvesters.”

It would be lovely to see you there.

For more information click through to the Great Yorkshire Show site here.

Spring cleaning, and the prevention of fine dining for moths.

McNair merino wool hat washing instructions

Merino is wonderful. And with proper cleaning and care it can stay that way for years. As the weather gets a little warmer you may find you’re not wearing your McNair hat or Neck warmer quite as much – so we just wanted to remind you that our accessories are in fact machine washable. A quick spin on the wool setting, no fabric conditioner, dry flat or cool tumble dry and your merino will be back like brand new ready for next winter, or next weekend if you live in the UK.

Also, for those lucky enough to live in warmer climes who may be hanging up their heavyweight shirts until next winter – we need to talk moths. We actually like moths, as long as they stay roughly seven or eight miles away from our precious wool shirts.

There are various natural ways to prevent your McNair shirt becoming the most luxurious supper of their tiny lives. We recommend cedar wood hangers or blocks which naturally deter moths. Try to make sure that your McNair merino shirts and accessories are stored away clean. Moths are partial to the food, hair particles and skin that we happen to leave behind when our clothes are packed away over the summer months. Moths really don’t like dry cleaning fluid, so if your shirt is in need of more than a refresh we’d recommend that this is a good time to treat your McNair to a clean so your shirt is pristine for next autumn / winter.

If you unexpectedly discover moths feasting on your shirt and there isn’t a dry cleaner around you can place your garment inside a freezer for 48 hours and this should destroy any eggs or stop further damage.